Rohit Bhatia

A person who aims to bring a change, for the change, by the change, for the citizens willing to opt for a change. A person dedicated not only to fulfilling his dreams, but a person, who lives and knit dreams of others' as his own to furnish it further. This is yours, Rohit Bhatia, the founder of India's fastest growing Publication House, "The Little Booktique Hub''.

Promita Dey

Promita Dey is a dynamic personality keen to work for the betterment of the society and her fellow employees. She excels in maintaining unity and balance in the 'Publication House' due to her unparalleled rationality. She plays a vital position in both expanding and developing the 'Publication House'. She is sincere in making efforts to lead the 'Publication House', as the Chief Executive Officer.

Santu Karmakar

Santu Karmakar is an English graduate from Burdwan University, who loves to put his emotions and feelings on the digital canvas. He is a person who puts down your imagination into his art and brings them to reality. A person of great humour who brings out happiness in every crest and trough and paints the canvas as well as the lives around him, with colours. He is the official designer of "The Little Booktique Hub" Publication House.

Dhruv Varma
Manuscript Handler

A unique combination of Content Creator and Content Writer who loves Sales and Marketing with being a Vocal Artist, a passion flowing in his blood. Adding Value is his TOP PRIORITY. Here to add some random value to The Little Booktique Hub Family!

Sulagna Sarkar

Sulagna Sarkar is a twenty-two-year-old published author, from the city of joy, Kolkata. She has more than 20 of her works published under various titles and anthologies.