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Ever since I was a child, the one thing I could rely on to be constant was stories. Stories were always there. They were my companion when I was sad, when I was happy, when I wanted an escape, when I wanted a home for my over-active imagination, or when I wanted to simply just be.
Stories were my home.

Nearly 14 years after I fell in love with stories, I left my city for the first time. I left all the comforts I was used to. I left everything I knew- my routine, my beagle, and my life. Most importantly, I left everyone I loved. In another city.

“A few milestones I left behind”

Milestones I left behind..." is an intense love story of Vishal, a middle-aged Marketing professional, and his journey with his love away from the maddening world. The excitement of being with a loved one makes every moment livable, and Vishaka and her unconditional love for Vishal make the journey more enjoyable.

Is love just the chemistry between two people or beyond it? Is love more than life or beyond? Is there a life without love? Can life's turmoil fade love ever? Can love be the medicine for a grief-stricken mind? The mind-boggling questions make the book a journey too... finding the answers to these obvious questions.

The treasured words of life

Life resembles a giant treasury consisting of boundless, tempting wealth, gifted to each of us in the form of days.

The journey of life is a marvellous and exciting expedition consisting of diverse experiences, emotions, remembrances, and insights, every passing moment is caressed by our heart through glorious descriptions and observations of the same.

How do we make our rapidly passing moments immortal in our core?

The answer to this is straightforward.

We treasure our glimpses of life in the form of our penned-down words.

भावनाओं का घराना

इस दुनिया में कई ऐसे लोग हैं, जिन्होंने बहुत से सपने देखे होंगे। उन सपनों में से कुछ उनके लिए खास भी होंगे, जिन्हें वे पूरा होते देखना चाहतें हों। वैसे ही, मेरा भी एक बहुत ही बड़ा सपना था। सपना था कि मेरे सारे स्वरचित कविताएँ भी, एक किताब में छपेंगी, जिसकी एकमात्र लेखिका में ही हूँ। आज मेरा यह सपना पूरा हो गया। यह किताब, अपने आप में मेरी सारी भावनाओं का घराना है, जो कुछ पन्नो में दर्शाया गया है। मुझे आशा है, की मेरी यह पुस्तक, आपको अपनी भावनाओं को समृद्ध करने के लिए प्रेरित करेगी, और एक ऐसी खुशी प्रदान करेगी, जो शाश्वत है।

Frozen Bytes

"Frozen Bytes" is the title of the book. It is a poetry book with a kaleidoscopic collection of themes ranging from aspirations to reality, success to failure, inspiration to travel, imperfection to acceptance, and much more.

The title depicts the deep-frozen ideas that are concealed inside my neurons to deliver the greatest message conceivable through digital information. The poems in the book have a hidden significance with a blend of emotions and are written appealingly to convey my ideas.

Rhythm and Muse

Music is the nectar of life. Everything we say or think has rhythm and grace, no matter how elated or bleak things may seem. All this often needs a focal point, a muse that sets the wheel of life in motion. Here is a collection of 31 stories exploring life's rhythm and tempo and the catalyst, or poet that set the ball rolling in the first place.

Unboxing New Chapters

I am always a girl who wants to be lost in books and escape reality, and whenever I read books, I always wondered how people could write a whole book, and that thought encouraged me to write text; I have so many ideas in my mind but not able to tell them sometimes well this book will speak in my behalf.

“Unboxing New Chapters” is a book based out of 31 prompts. Every prompt is unique to me because I had put my life’s other pieces into it. These prompts reflect how I see the world, and I want to put my vision into this. Unboxing the new chapters will unbox different emotions within you when you feel happy, sad, angry, or excited with every prompt.

Dear Girl

In the book entitled 'Dear Girl', the author has penned down a journey of a heartbroken man who regains his courage to love and heals his scars. This journey of man subtly depicts how a man moves on from his past and starts his new life. His journey through his experiences and the effect of these experiences on his thoughts are shown in the collection of letters he has written.

Eliciting the truth

"Eliciting The Truth" is a storybook dealing with different challenges of an individual in various stages of life in sharing their true feeling with people and the truth which needs to be revealed no matter how hard it is.

Pillow Thoughts

The book is a collection of 31 poetry pieces, each unique. As the name suggests, “Pillow thoughts” mean the 3 am thoughts that strike you at night and won’t let you sleep.

The readers will feel a tingling in their hearts after they read the poems as each one of them will touch your soul in some or the other way.

Life is Beautiful 24*7.

"Life is beautiful 24*7" is a collection of poetries that will connect to anyone who reads it, as it deals with love, lost love, memories, society, the happiness and the pain which one goes through in their life, but it's all about accepting everything and believing and living a beautiful life because life is beautiful 24*7.

Almost all of the poetry is dedicated to people the author loves in her life, in any form, such as colleagues, friends, brothers, etc. The book contains 31 poetries and all the poetries will be something we all face in our life, like differentiation between caste, gender, creed, love, loss, love of a sibling, society’s expectations, etc.

Chapters Unleashed

Life is full of lessons, experiences, and memories. This book endeavors to make people dive into some fictional stories that took a concrete shape with the help of literary words. It will cater to the readers with thirty-one levels in thirty-one different flavors, some of which may evolve the essence of nostalgia, some may share the common factors with others' journeys, and some may manifest an utterly different periphery. 'Chapters Unleashed' - a handful of heterogeneous story build-ups at your service!

Just Once

Once in a lifetime, you experience a conferring bliss in the air, a heat wave burning inside your heart. Nervous breathing on your pale lips and sudden blasts of endorphins.

Success is sometimes found on the off-roads of life.

What would you do if you found yourself on a path that did not lead to happiness? Would you regret not taking the road not taken?

Life is not always fair, but that doesn’t mean you accept the rulebook to follow. As dad says: “YOLO”!

Kathya Arora is a fiery, optimistic, assertive, and self-assured young girl, who believes she was meant to make a difference. She had faith in her dreams and ventured to pursue them. Her heart ached with agony when her deep love overtook her, as her kindred spirit and happiness vanished from her life, leaving her heart crushed.

पता नहीं

हमें अक्सर लगता है कि हमें सब पता है ,
पर हम इस बात से अनजान है कि हमें कुछ भी "पता नहीं"

पता नहीं एक ऐसा कथन है जो सब के ज़बान पर एक न एक बार आता होगा
कभी थक कर कह दे , कभी चीड़ कर , कभी छिपाने के लिए कह दे , कभी सब बताने के लिए कह दे
कभी सब पता हो फिर भी कह दे "पता नहीं"

वास्तव में हमें कुछ भी पता नहीं !
ज़िन्दगी एक सवाल ही तो हैं
जिसका जवाब किसीको पता नहीं