How does this work?

Participants who registers themselves for the challenge #Write-O-Wizard is required to write down poetry every day for the following 21 days, on any theme and in any length they choose.

Our Perks

The benefits of completing

Participants who registers themselves for the challenge #Write-O-Wizard is required to write down poetry every day for the following 21 days, on any theme and in any length they choose.

A Publishing Certificate

The certificate given to each author will be signed by India's Best Selling Author.

Book Publishing

We'll publish what you write during this 21 days period; as your own book, as part of the Writing Challenge #write-o-wizard.

Marketing of the Book-

Once the Book is launched, the author will share the promotional guides to promote it further amongst friends and family. A book marketing guide will be shared that will assist in selling more books.

The book publishing kit will include :

  • ISBN number and barcode allocation
  • We will create the Book's interior layouts & designs
  • We will plan the cover page designs.
  • ---(Note: Your cover won't be copied from the internet, as it will be Digitally Designed by hand, so make sure you're ready with the idea of the cover).
  • Book will be published as a paperback (additional charges included) and an E-Book (absolutely free).
  • The Book will be sold & distributed via Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Google Books, and Hubooktique Website.
  • --- Offline Distribution in Kolkata (East – West – North – South), Pune, Ludhiana, Delhi, Ranchi & School Libraries.
  • The author will receive two/four complimentary copies. (If opted for paperback)
  • The charges for editing need to be borne by the author.
  • On a 90 days basis, a royalty of up to 15-30% of the profit on the sale would be paid.
  • The author retains complete ownership of the Book's copyrights and content.
  • Once the challenge is completed, a publishing deal will be shared.

How about a Soothing Spotify code on your books-

The rhythm in the music amplifies reading. The Spotify codes on the Book will increase the level of curiosity and adrenaline in the readers. A Spotify code will be added to the book covers, where readers can simply scan the code, start listening to their favorite music, and get hooked to the boundless love concealed in words in the Book. So stay tuned! The essential points to ponder -

  • This challenge is NOT for those who dim their light to cuddle with their comfort zones. You are a writer! You have the creative juices flowing within You! But you are waiting for that right time. My friend, the time is now! Unleash your powers and pour your words on this challenge.
  • The charges for participation is absolutely FREE.
  • The last date to register is 21th August.
  • The predictable doubts and queries have been answered in the FAQ's section below; however, do not hesitate to leave a mail on info@hubooktique.com with the subject "Write-O-Wizard" (the subject line is important).
Kindly note that the charges for registration are absolutely free, and there will be no additional charges unless the author demands to avail of the add-on services of the company.
Frequently asked questions

We have some FAQ

Well, the Write-o-Wizard writing challenge is a one-time valuable investment with a significant return. The amount Rs.999 is the declared fee for both participation and publishing, after which not a jot of extra cash will be charged by the Little Booktique Hub. Note- Extra amount will only be charged any additional benefits related to the publishing process are availed by the author.
Write-o-Wizard aims to dare the blazing fire within the writers and the capacity of weaving the words of love. Each participant registering for the challenge will be referred to as a novel author. This challenge is not a comparison but a test of your creativity and expression.
No, not at all; we understand that it not possible to create a written piece every day; therefore, the authors may use their previously written works in the challenge.
Please note that your previous inked verses should not be published anywhere else, as that will certainly violate the norms.
Once every participant registers for Write-o-Wizard, they will receive a welcome mail that will include a Google Form, which will be the medium of submission.
It should ideally take 30 days to publish the efforts of each writer. However, keeping the current pandemic situation in mind, any imposed restriction might lead to an extension of the given time frame.
Thanks a million for building a connection with the Little Booktique Hub. You are one step ahead towards expansion and success! While you are deciding upon the theme, kindly take a break and glance over your inbox, you must have received a warm, welcoming mail. Don't miss your spam folder.
It is the mastermind behind the Book - the precious author.
Hubooktique is accepting five languages at present. Namely- English, Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi, and Hindi. Authors can write in any of the five languages.
No, We support #Nocopyrightcontents; hence we won't use covers from the internet, and rather we will digitally design them over canvas via hands.
Relax! After 21 days of the challenge, authors will be rendered with a modifiable version of the Book, which the writers can edit further.
Though the compiling of the inked verses will be done in the same order of submission. However, the sequence can be changed in the modifiable manuscript.
No, this is where the challenge comes in. Unfortunately, no additional time will be provided to the writers. If you fail to write for 21 days extensively, you will miss the chance to showcase your unique creation, and we will miss the opportunity to publish your creativity. To fully utilize this opportunity, please do not lose the challenge because you will not be entitled to any refund of the enrollment amount if you do.
Well, do you really yearn to know our aim, then it is -
"Your thoughts are your jewels; let us craft your thoughts into inked ornaments."
This is the real aim of Hubooktique. However, there is another angle to the challenge. Write-o-Wizard will benefit us in two amazing ways-
A. On printing several author copies, we make use of our in-house printing press. While you keep the 100% royalty of your Book, we keep the printing cost from the earnings.
B. While our publication house since its inception has followed integrity and fairness; our team is now confident about the quality work that they render to the writers. Therefore, this opportunity will bring a flood of upbeat comments in the review section and increase our followers. Also, once you receive your books, you will not hide from the world. So once you share the word, we hope writers will flock to our company to take the challenge.
Like a writer needs readers, Publishers need writers. Hubooktique shares a mutualistic relationship with their writers and will continue to serve them.
If we say that The Little Booktique Hub is one of the fastest-growing publication houses in India, you might not believe us. However, you can curb your skepticism by glancing over our social media pages and websites. Hubooktique is only TWO years old and already has 16.1K followers on Instagram, over 45000+ customers, and 10000% positive reviews. You don't believe it, then go check out www.hubooktique.com so that you come back and avail of this lucrative opportunity without any skepticism. The Govt. of India has identified our publication house and registered us under The Companies Act of 2013 - (18 of 2013), wherewith immense dignity we can display our pride possessions. We have a collection of 1167+ (and counting) published books and content authors.