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Let's understand what traditional publishing is.

Traditional publishing means that your book is published by an established publishing house, with a team of professional people to take care of the book design, sales, marketing, and various other processes of the publishing world.

How Hubooktique is going to help you in publishing your book traditionally?

● Book Formatting/Layouting
● Cover Design
● Premium Editing (Charges need to be borne by the author)
● Life – Time Inventory Management
● Quick Follow up, with Publication Manager
● All Time Publishing Support
● Marketing Strategies
● Author Interviews
● ISBN Allotment
● Life Time Distribution – Nationally
● Certified Proof
● E-Book as well as Paperback
● Online Distribution via Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Google Books, and Hubooktique Website
● Offline Distribution in Kolkata (East – West – North – South), Pune, Ludhiana, Delhi, Ranchi, Jhumritelaiya & School Libraries
● Advertisement in newspapers, including The Literary Newspaper (India's first e-newspaper for the writers) and magazines
● 10% Royalty

Under Hubooktique, traditional publishing involves zero investment. All you require is a reader's reach. In simple words, if you have a quality manuscript, the publication will invest in the same and market it and provide you the publishing platforms you need.

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