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“Life is like a dish”

Life is like a dish. Full of emotions! Our life is also like a dish that has many tastes, many colors, and many aromas. Similarly, there are many emotions in our life like anger, happiness, success, failure, etc. Our life also revolves around many emotions. Often while preparing dishes, we add more chilli, sometimes we add more salt and sometimes we add more sugar. Such is our life. Sometimes there are more sorrows in our life, sometimes there is more happiness, sometimes there are more achievements and sometimes there are more failures. And this is life.

“My Silence Thoughts”

"My Silence Thoughts" is a poetry book in which all the poems are based on the mixed feelings of the author. It's a book where hidden sentiments and thoughts are expressed. Through this book, the author wants to voice her concern or opinion towards the aspect of life. Through the book, the author Evanisha wishes to express her inner feelings toward society and surely wants to enlighten her readers. She looks forward to many young and light-minded people coming forward and using their God-given talents.

“Main Nidhi Hoon ”

चलो साथी लिखें कोई कहानी प्रीत की हम तुम
करें आ साधना मिलकर , सुरों संगीत की हम तुम
हमारे प्रेम की झंकार गूंजेगी सदा जग में
बनें पहचान चाहत में अनोखी रीत की हम तुम
~निधि भार्गव मानवी

“It’s all about her”

"It's all about her" by Swyam Ghoshal takes us into a world of a girl. A simple ordinary girl who is not so common. The author tells us about her cosmos; he defines her as a mystery yet to be solved. He says, 'she is an angel in disguise. This book speaks not only about her characteristics but also about her thoughts, feelings, and journey from fighting her inner demons to losing herself, from being a disguised soul to becoming an unknown star. This book takes us on a ride of her thoughts, her memories, and her experiences through his poems; he uplifts her pain, her grievances, and her screams in silence, her struggles, and her kind and loving side of her. He also shows that despite her pain, sorrows, and wounds, one can find solace in her words when someone needs comfort.

“An Astute Warrioress”

Everyone has to be a warrior when life is no less than a battle. The question is, “why should there only be warriors when women fight more battles in their life?". There comes the rise of" AN ASTUTE WARRIORESS - FROM MIRAGE TO MIRACLES." Every girl has fantasies, some fairy tales, and some adventures. Initially, when she takes steps towards it, she realizes those all are just mirages, an imaginary perspective, that's it. But an astute woman crosses these boundaries with determination and makes that miracle happen. And she becomes an Astute Warrioress. This is the dream of every woman. Somewhere or the other, the pages of this journey will reflect your inner self. If it does, let us all join the journey that can lead us to become the ONE.

“Phus or Jugnu”

ये कविताएँ हैं हिम्मत, हौंसले, मन, जिंदगी और रिश्तों की। मन ने कलम से उधार लिया था, उसी उधार की किश्तों की।। ये बातें हैं सुबह- शाम, धूप- छाँव और खुद से किए वादों की। जमीन-आसमान, चाँद-सितारों और खुद से हुए संवादों की। फूस और जुगनू कुछ कविताओं का संकलन है जो एक भावुक लेकिन जुझारू कलम से जन्मीं हैं। मन की कविताएँ हैं। मन से लिखीं हैं। मन से पढ़िएगा।

“Beyond Senses”

My aim for the book was to have it exist. My book "BEYOND SENSES" comprises some of my beloved poems relatable to all ages. My poems are the rhythmical creation of beauty. Poetry is thoughts that breathe and words that burn. Poetry is created when an emotion has found its thought, and the thought has found its words. I hope you will cherish this handy-sized book close to my heart, my first poetry collection everybody can easily relate to. I write what I felt; thought; experienced.
"With me, poetry has not been a purpose but a passion."
~ Allan Poe

“Fragrance of Dead Roses”

Fragrance of dead roses is a collection of poetry about the journey of survival, sufferance throughout tough times, emotions, blood-flooded tears, abuse, trauma, loneliness, and healing. "Fragrance of dead roses" will make readers find sweetness in the most painful journey of their life.
The author adds, "Life is too short for griefs; let's try to make it sweet."

“21 Fundamentals”

A short collection of poems, set around different settings, comes from the mind of a teenager. His reflections, his perspectives, and his reactions to his immediate surroundings make it an interesting read.

“The Rhythm of Life”

The book "The Rhythm of Life "Is a collection of 21 poems penned by the writer that deals with her world, her point of view, and her life as a writer. All these poems are the best of her writings all over these years. This book will show readers the right path toward our future self, as it motivates people that beautiful life has a long and exciting way in this beautiful journey.

“Sorcerer of Lemuria”

The future of Lemuria hangs on a balance. Meet Dominique: A man torn between friendship, love, betrayal and sorcerers. His search for the elements of darkness leaves him searching for himself. Meet Levin Eonshatter: True Grit, Great agility and yet the mist that hides a lot of him. Is he what he seems? Does he know his path? Is he a puppet in someone’s hands or the creator of the future? Eva’s life goes through a churn when she get embroiled in the elements of darkness. Will she survive the path she has stumbled into? Only time will tell. As Elcaro watches over all of them, the course of journey unknown to them takes an unimaginable turn… Welcome to the world of commoners and sorcerers. Get ready to enjoy an Intriguing, nail biting and whirlwind of a journey An epic fantasy unfolds… The Lemuria Trilogy

“Give your life a second chance”

Give Your Life a Second Chance is a motivational book penned by Uma Malhotra. The book is a collection of 20 unique life experiences and teachings, each of which inspires the readers in one way or the other. As the name suggests, “Give Your life a Second Chance” allows you to reset and right your wrongs through your actions. The thought-provoking style of the book aims to encourage the readers to reflect on their lives and ask themselves, whether they have been hard on themselves. If yes, this is your cue! Grab your copy of the book today and give your life a second chance. Happy reading!

“Memories Of Aaramya”

This is the story of Aaramya. The girl who lost everything only to find herself back with the help of her family and friends. The one who was afraid to love again. It is the story of Kasturi. The guy who loved a girl with all his heart only to see her forgetting him. The one who wanted nothing but happiness for his people. It is the story of Joey. The girl who longed for her only best friend and started narrating her stories. “Memories of Aaramya” talks about a friendship which is above all. It talks about a love that finds its way through all the hurdles. It is all about the importance of trust in a relationship and willingness to let go and move on.

“Write out loud”

One of the biggest challenges of an introvert is sharing their true feeling with people no matter how close they are; they are the ones who usually keep it all bottled inside rather than show their emotions to anyone.

“Write out loud” is a collection of poems where the poet finally gathers her courage to speak out her emotions with the help of the alphabet. Her primary goal in this book is to block all the negativity that surrounds us and visualize the best of life with the hope of inspiring the many people like her so that they can as well come out of their shells expressing feelings they buried deep down through the help of things they love to do.

“Accidental Incidents”

Every human being "walks on four feet in the morning, two in the afternoon and three at night." But what about their thinking process? What makes a child a teen? And what makes a teen mature? - The answer is "incidents." But incidents can be pre-assumed; I can guess what would happen if I bunk my college and get caught. That understanding can be acquired with time and knowledge of situations. But what if I bunk my college with my friend and suddenly a phone says my mother is dead at home. Now, this accident will probably change everything in me upside down psychologically. And this is an incident that wasn't mended to be (an accidental incident). "Accidental Incidents" is a story of the life experience of the narrator consisting of her childhood and the several mental trauma she faced throughout.

एक गलती: जिसकी सजा पूरी नहीं हो रही!

जैसे हर झूठ में कुछ ना कुछ सच जरूर होता है, वैसे ही हर गलती में कुछ ना कुछ सही जरूर होता हैं। मझे बहुत खशी हैं कि आज एक जिंदगी को एक आत्मकथ्य में प्रस्तुत करते हुए जहाँ मैंने अपनी जिंदगी को पंक्तियों में संजोया हैं। जहाँ कविताओं में जिंदगी के उन हिस्सों के किस्सों को बताया है जब किसी एक गलती से पूरी दुनिया बदल जाएं, जब ऐसे हालात पैदा हो जाएं जहाँ समाज और अपने आप में से उस वक़्त खुद को चुनना जरूरी हो जाएं। इस जिंदगी के उधड़े हुए धागों को अकेले ही बुनना था।

Baatein Kuch Ankahi Si...

The poems and stories in this book are mostly based on emotions felt or seen in real life. If you are one who is more of an emotional person, you might relate to most of the things written in it. Also, if you believe in old-school true love, most of the poems are for you. If you believe Love & Friendship is eternal, this one's for you!

Wallpaper Woman

The first step towards curing a disease is to accept that there is a disease. Every now and then, we talk about crimes against women that leave us horrified.

Skia- An Indesctructible Lie.

I know what you are up to. But stop, look into the air around. What do you see?

SHRUTAKIRTI Sita`s Sister.

Shrutakirti was the daughter of king Kushadhwaj, king Janak's younger brother and queen Chandrabhaga.

I Need Coffee

The poems on this book are influenced by various variables which made their presence known in my life

Fruit Of Destiny.

Fruits of Destiny is not your daily pick, if the slightest concern about the vulnerable sections puts you off something - whether it is a book, a story or any other extended medium.


औराक़-ए-परेशाँ ( اورکِ پریش)कवि ने इस किताब में बहुत ही सुन्दरता से अपनी कलम से हर्फ़ो का सहारा ले कर अपने आस पास के लोगों और अपने जीवन के बारे में बहुत लिखा है।


From our childhood to Adult, women are strong but still now they cannot come out of their circle. "SHE" brings out that she is a queen and her soul is royalty.


From a very little age, we all tend to be very enthusiastic about the concept of ghosts, evil or devilish occurrences. "Devil's Diary" brings you a roller coaster ride of all the satanic episodes.


Once in a lifetime, you experience a conferring bliss in the air, a heat wave burning inside your heart. Nervous breathing on your pale lips and sudden blasts of endorphins.