Skia- An Indesctructible Lie

Skia- An Indesctructible Lie

I know what you are up to.

But stop, look into the air around. What do you see? Layers of dust and gas? Well, look minutely. Can you notice them now? Can you see the thought-bugs, zillions of them, dancing on the tree branches, jumping from the rooftop, and lolling on the sidewalk? Psst! A small one just slipped inside your trouser pocket.

Such wily kids they are!

Tell them you are not Avin, and that you have no intention to cleanse the thought-clouds. Or preempt violence, or track down serial offenders, or salvage victims. Tell them you’ll send a message if you spot Avin across the street.

And even then, if they don’t listen to you, well, shake your legs, tiptoe out of their reach, and run for life!